Friday, May 10, 2013

Swiss Steak

This was one of my favorite recipes as a child. We never had a lot of money as a family of six, so we ate a lot of venison as kids.  People in big cities pay a lot of money for venison, for us the price was a license fee, freezer paper and tape, elbow grease and lots of time in nature. I can't eat venison anymore, I know a lot of people that ate a lot of it as kids and can no longer eat it without getting sick. I truly think there is some sort of an enzyme problem that we have developed. I have always been comfortable with guns, it helps that my Grandpa was a conservation officer (he also came to our elementary school dressed like Smoky the Bear, that was pretty awesome). I have a terrific aim with guns and bows, but I just have no desire to kill animals, targets are fun though!
Well, that brings us to tonights supper. I only make this with beef or buffalo now. A tender cut is best, we used beef tenderloin tonight, but we have used cube steak before and it was delicious!
I start with my stainless skillet and about 3Tbs of canola/ olive oil mix and put it on medium heat. When the pan gets warm, put your meat in and brown slightly on each side.
In the mean time, I preheat my oven to 325°F and get out a casserole dish. In the bottom of the casserole I put one can of cream of mushroom soup.
When the meat is browned, place it on top of the mushroom soup. Then pour another can of soup on top. (I use low sodium soup) Put the lid on the pan, and bake for about two hours, or until you can stick a fork into the meat and it just falls apart.


I serve the Swiss Steak with mashed potatoes, since the soup makes a great gravy. If it is too thick, simply add milk and stir. We also had asparagus with a little cheese tonight. My two year old has never had it before, but it is growing like crazy here, and we want her to love it like we do. I think she ate half of the pound that my husband brought home yesterday! It helped that we called them Jr.'s as in Jr asparagus from Veggie Tales, her favorite thing to watch!
Well, have a great night!

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