Thursday, May 9, 2013

Long Days

When I started blogging, it was with the hope that it would take off like wildfire and grow very quickly.  Well, since I haven't had the time to put a lot of effort into it, I am glad that I have had a limited audience. With that said, I will move forward and make this something that I can be proud of.  I don't like to put my name on something that isn't perfect, with 110% effort given. 

I was asked yesterday how I liked being a stay-at-home Mommy.... Well, I love being able to take care of my kids, but I need to find the structure to my days.  I have days that I don't get everyone dressed until 12, and we are back in our jammies by 8.  Well, that is driving me crazy.  I am very detail oriented, and thrive with a schedule.  Tomorrow we have a schedule.  We will start our day by going to the local yard sales bright and early.  I am tyring to find some cheap kids outside toys, and gently used jeans to use to make a bunch of skirts to sell in my Etsy shop: Pumpkins Patches.  I am also looking for anything that can help me organize my life. 

What do you guys like about garage sales?  I love going to sales in big cities, or ones far from home.  It is always great to see what other people get rid of in other towns.

Tomorrow I will have my recipe for Swiss Steak.  It is to die for, and can be made with any type of red meat.  Good night!

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