Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hello Everyone!  I am so excited to be starting this blog! I have had this in the works for a while, but I wanted to come up with the best name for it, which reflects its purpose.  This blog is for anyone that has the desire to go back to the way things used to be, more like things were for our Grandparents.  I have always been a little different from the people my age, I love to sew, crochet, garden, cook, bake, can, etc.  Being a 32-year-old that isn't the norm.  The girls of my generation rarely do most of the things on that list, and a lot of my friends can't even cook a simple meal.  I have a lot of friends husbands tell mine that they wish their wives could cook like me.  Well, I had a stay at home mom until high school, at which point she went to work so cooking became my job.  A lot of moms did not have/take the time to teach their children the art of cooking.  My mom was no gourmet cook by the way.  She in fact liked the heartier types of food.... you know the type that you can get fat on.... :) I still cook like that sometimes, but I prefer to make healthier food for my family.  I have always found joy in baking.  With baking you get to give people a gift.  I have yet to find someone that will refuse a fresh baked gift. I love to see the smile on someones face when you hand them a bag of fresh cookies!  I want to share the same joy with you all!  So, I will post more soon, I would love to have requests about topics so I can help you all get closer to your roots. 

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